Thursday, October 4, 2007

All the best or best of luck!

Well, the title may seem quite weird rather silly!
Some of u I am sure may find it vague!

The two phrases, All the best and best of luck are generally used to wish someone before exams, interviews, concerts or any perfomance!
I needn't explain why it is used I guess!
Most of us use it in our daily lives

But acc to me, there is a difference in both these phrases!

When someone says "Best of luck", I don't like it!
But I like it when people say "All the best"!
Not that I won't take the wishes of the ones who say best of luck but I have better regards and respect, it would be more appropritae to use the word greatful than respect and regards!
I would be greatful to the ones who say "All the best"!

Of course I know, everyone says it with love, wishes, blessings and they are all well wishers of mine!
I need their blessings for everything I do and want to acheive in life!

But you would all wonder why I have this kind of a feeling!
Yaa, I know I haven't come to the point yet!

Now to the point,
When a person say BEST OF LUCK, what is its meaning?
It says, let the luck take u! Let it favour you, serve you! MAy u get the best of luck !

While the phrase ALL THE BEST means
MAy u get all the best in whatever ur doing! there is nothing pertaining to LUCk or anything specific!

Well, it isn't luck that makes u successful or satisfied! Its sheer hard work and dedication!
So I feel it is a better way to say All THE BEST rather than BEST OF LUCk!

ALl THE BEST pertains to everything, luck, blessings, courage, energy... ALL what is required for Success!

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mitrasah said...

Dear Sandhya,
You are absolutely right in the way you described it.

But i want to add my views too so that anybody who reads ur blog can himself judge on two views.

Sorry for being critical & here i go...

I believe somewhat different.

If you can go so deep in the words being used for communication & not the way feelings behind, the non verbal part of wishes of the well wisher then this is for you.

Your well wisher probably knows you & believes you & in a way knows that you are better than him/her. Then he/she don't have any other advice to give on how you can improve yourself.
He/she believes you will definitely put your best efforts in whatever you do.

So he/she is only left with wishing you luck rather than all the best.

By this he/she is giving you what best he/she can offer rather than what you want.